14 Unsettling Pics That Fill Our Heads With So Many Questions

Life is challenging. And trying to put everything in this existence into words is more harder. Most likely, we will never fully comprehend the extremes to which people and things will go in order to brainwash us. Therefore, it is suggested that occasionally we just let everything go without delving more into the causes of them. Why was dessert offered to the two girls in a restroom? Why did someone load up their car with bread loaves? See? There are so many issues for which we just lack adequate explanations.

Here is a compilation of 14 disturbing images to demonstrate what we mean. We believe they will leave you there contemplating the meaning of your life.

#1. 2 girls 1 bowl???

#2. Dog looks like it has a human nose and mouth

#3. Should we call it a mayonegg?

#4. That’s John Deer

#5. Don’t forget to go shopping for the little mutant on your list

#6. Made with 70% demons and 30% more demons

#7. Multi-purpose Covid mask

#8. Hotels in Canada

#9. Shizuoka City has some ‘interesting’ sculptures

#10. Such a cool dude

#11. The nervous system when it sees the confidence system approaching

#12. Could be a dark night surfing the dark web

#13. Don’t drink too much or you will be like this

#14. This guy’s teeth…

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