The World Has Changed, But Not For The Better: 21 Incredible Illustrations

We all agree that the world has changed significantly in recent years. We just want to be able to communicate from one side of the world to the other, go anywhere we need to go, and learn more about everything that happens in every nook and cranny of the globe in a matter of seconds. Would this be considered “advancement” in any case? If you really think about it, you’ll realize that despite all the material complexity, the planet is slowly coming to an end and that the growing technological advancement has distorted the natural energy of sentient souls.

Scroll down and take your time. Links to the locations where each photograph was taken are included. Check out more of these photographers’ work by visiting their own websites or collections.


#1 Bigger individuals, modest and smaller computers.

#2 Event photos taken before and after using smartphones.

#3 currently, at that time, and really looking at the mail.

#4 More quickly than at any time in recent memory, jobs are changing.

#5 Hard labor no longer has a value that everybody recognizes.

#6 Comparing teaching in 1960 with teaching now.

#7 People are bigger but televisions are thinner.

#8 development of philosophy.

#9 instructions to relax by the age of 10.

#10 Durability during that time, then, and now.

#11 modifying runners’ existence.

#12 Calling vs. texting.

#13 The new kind of human touch is isolation.

#14 vicious to savage.

#15 telephone jokes.

#16 The new gold is water.

#17 The area where sagging is occurring is here.

#18 Greetings from the current reality.

#19 When you have phones, who needs families?

#20 Given the way people live nowadays, parents are typically preoccupied with making ends meet while leaving kids regularly unattended in a hostile environment.

#21 The statistics show that money can buy happiness, but if you are preoccupied with making money, you will eventually have to make the decision to buy a fake smile. So pay attention to what you need in life and try not to regret the decisions you make now or in the future.

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