Portraits of the Nightmares of the Modern World By A Polish Artist

The delineations made by the Polish craftsman named Pawel Kuczynski highlight the intense parody of the truth of today. Between starvation, war, monetary shakiness, current subjection, and issues between individuals – there are no untouchable points in his works. That is the reason they move everybody and they are applicable all the time.

We at Positive stream have picked 14 of Pawel’s most exciting works that will make you need to pose the world a couple of inquiries.

#1 My space

#2 Loneliness

#3 Loading

#4 Watcher

#5 Tank

#6 Eggs

#7 Writer

#8 Kiss

#9 Promises

#10 Approval

#11 Red Carpet

#12 Manual

#13 Healthy food

#14 Addiction

How well do you suppose these outlines portray the truth of today? Which of these representations appeared to be the most remarkable? Share your perspective in the remark area underneath!

See photograph credit Pawel.Kuczynski, Pawel.Kuczynski

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