People's funny subway photos will make you laugh out loud.

In many cities worldwide, subways are a trendy way to get around. In many places, it is the top way that people get around. As you step out the door, you can see a whole "underground" world full of different feelings and scenes. People often joke that you can see anything if you ride the subway for a day in New York.

Many strange things happen on the subway that you can't even imagine if you've never been there. Today's post has 10 of the strangest and funniest subway photos people have taken. You'll see strange things that happened on the subway that you won't be able to explain.

#1. Jungle Man


#2. The New Marilyn Monroe

#3. Such A Comfort Mattress!

#4. The Scary Nun

#5. Muscular Santa Clause


#6. We Finally Found The Real-Life Monalisa

#7. Look At The Bewildered Face Of The Man Sitting Next To These Assassins. Poor Him!

#8. The Cute Puppy And His Cotton Pony Friend On A Subway Trip

#9. This Is Not A Grassland. Why Did The Lion Get Lost Here?

#10. Sexy-Butt Man On Subway

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