"Humans Doing Human Things": 52 Photos That Demonstrate That Humans Aren't What They Seem

Just when you think you've figured out the internet, you come across something that throws everything on its head, sends you on a rollercoaster trip, and leaves you stunned, puzzled, and thoroughly entertained.

'Humans doing human things,' for example. The HDHT initiative, which is named in a way that doesn't make you think the Facebook page is administered by an alien from another planet, shows some of the oddest incidents in human history. Scroll down to discover some of the strangest photos of human behavior you've likely seen in a long time. These memes may stretch the boundaries of your imagination, so have a strong hold on reality while you buckle up.

Weirdness guaranteed, fellow human beings.




"Humans doing human things" is described as a blog "of human things" by the page's creator, who also adds that "we are humans." All of this contributes to the Facebook page's strange but distinctive feel.

The photographs have an unsettling and even terrifying quality to them. There is, however, a lot of humour in there as well. And it appears to be a hit with the public. In fact, just around 70k individuals visit the page every day to get their daily dose of human oddity.




Humans are capable of a wide range of bizarre behaviors. And the more time you spend contemplating what strange creatures we are, the more strange details emerge. The fact that we deliberately consume coffee, which is a hazardous and deadly substance to animals such as cats and dogs, is only the beginning.

For example, according to Live Science, one of the mundane yet weird things that humans do every day is tell lies. Researchers discovered that when our self-esteem is damaged, we begin to lie more frequently.




"We're attempting not so much to please other people as to retain a view of ourselves that is congruent with the way they want us to be," University of Massachusetts psychologist Robert Feldman told Live Science.

Meanwhile, another strange thing that people do is gossip. It's all about sharing information at its core. However, the motivation for sharing this information is frequently sinister. Perhaps someone is attempting to gain favor with the group by divulging confidential information (aka spilling secrets).

Alternatively, someone can wish to modestly brag about how fantastic a human being they are in compared to the person they're gossiping about. Gossip may improve our social relationships, but it also demonstrates humanity's darker side. One who isn't afraid to smear someone's reputation over a cup of coffee.




"We must first contemplate our evolutionary history as human beings to understand why the darker side of life and entertainment are so fascinating. We were prey for the most of our existence and were always hyper-aware of dangers to our safety, which resulted in a negative bias that we are drawn to "He informed us.




"However, we are rarely challenged seriously in today's secure and sometimes sanitized environment, and the ability to explore terrible, terrifying, and gory entertainment is one of the few ways we can visit this element of mankind while remaining safe and comfortable."




Seeing the evil side of humanity, according to the psychologist, brings a fresh quality to it. "It swiftly dispels monotony and assists us in discovering our emotional limits, as well as understanding the thoughts of those who defy societal conventions and maybe learning how to avoid becoming victims ourselves." They also provide closure, with many stories concluding with the mystery solved and the offender brought to justice," Lee explained.




"It can take us on an emotional rollercoaster while we strive to solve the riddle and put our fear to the test in a safe environment." The freedom to investigate evil is liberating, as we rarely have the opportunity elsewhere, and it is healthy and normal in moderation."
































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