An Austrian Artist Was Sentenced To Jail for His Provocative Illustrations, But He Didn’t Give Up Drawing The Truth

Gerhard Haderer is a popular Austrian craftsman who started his vocation as an artist for publicizing offices. In 1985, when he became weary of doing business projects, Haderer chose to commit himself to satiric delineation. For over 30 years, he has drawn a large number of genuine cartoons. In 2005, he was condemned to a half year in prison for obscenity in the wake of composing his book, The Life of Jesus. In any case, that didn’t prevent Haderer from proceeding to be imaginative. Running against the norm, the 67-year-old Austrian craftsman kept on drawing the cutting edge world with all earnestness and valor. He likewise keeps on focusing on intense political and social issues in the month to month comic book, MOFF which is distributed by Scherz and Schund Fabrik.

Obviously Haderer moved toward all of his work with extraordinary ability and dauntlessness, and wouldn’t hesitate to show everything as it truly is.











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