20 Weird Things From The Old Days That Females Did For The Sake Of Beauty

The longing of certain individuals to turn out to be more wonderful than the rest drives them to do anything and this is by and large a well known mystery among everybody. Every single one of us has our own fantasy to look perfect, particularly women, and some of them endeavor unusual strategies to satisfy their necessities. In any case, magnificence insider facts had existed during the days of yore as well. Consequently we considered introducing you 20 strange magnificence hack photos from the past. Maybe, these might show up as screen captures from a blood and gore film.

Look at all the pictures of the display beginning from full face veils to peculiar spot expulsion contraptions.

#1 A full face mask used to protect women’s skin when swimming, 1920s

Image source: Hulton Archive

#2 A breast washer used in France, 1930s

#3 A woman getting her leg painted to look as if she was wearing stockings, 1926

Image source: Fox Photos

#4 Faceless beauty contest held in Cliftonville, 1936

Photo Credits: : Austrian Archives

#5 Gloria Rossi along with Rita Perchetti try out the new portable bathhouses of them to get dressed after sunbathing on Coney Island Beach, 1938

#6 Foot Binding – One of the traditions of China during the 10th century

#7 Tapeworm diet, 1900s

Photo Credits:  Unknown

#8 Eerie freckle removal contraptions. A quite complicated apparatus was used. Eyes were covered using an Air-Tight Piece while the nostrils filled in. Breathing was done using a special tube. Each sensitive part of the face was treated separately, 1930

Photo Credits:  Mansell

#9 The method of “Ironing” Hair in 1964

#10 Contestants of The Miss Lovely Eyes Beauty Pageant Competition in Florida. They wore the masks to hide the other parts of the face, 1930

Photo Credits:  FPG

#11 An old perm in Germany, 1929

Photo Credits:  Everett Collection

#12 Bathers were interested in wearing these freckles proof cape garments to protect their skin from the Sun. This was used prior to the introduction of Sun-Screen in the mid 1940s. This garment also featured built-in sunglasses

#13 Ice mask of Max Factor in 1931

#14 The bra that was used to strengthen and develop the bust. These were designed to vibrate while women were at work. Brussel, 1971

#15 Portable hair dryers, 1940s

Photo Credits:  Easyart/PA

#16 Customers getting their legs painted at a special store in Croydon, London, 1941

Photo Credits: G W HALES

#17 Woman Tans trying to use a Suntan Vending Machine in 1949

Photo Credits:  ahtisham-ahmed

#18 An ankle competition at Hounslow, London judged by a policeman in 1930

Photo Credits:  sacredserenity

#19 Black Teeth, a traditional sign of beauty in Japan – 17th – 19th centuries

Photo Credits: Pierre Dieulefils

#20 A hair dryer during 1920s

Source of the information: Demilked.

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