20+ pictures show that men will be men no matter what

Some habits are built into people and can't be changed no matter what. In the same way, there aren't many things that make men stare at women. Remember the "Men Will Be Men" ad for Imperial Blue? Men will always be men, that's for sure. When they were young, guys would stare at women and try to check out the hot ones. Now that they are older, they still do the same thing. Men of all ages and backgrounds can't stop doing this. Some pictures show that men can't help but look at women.

1. Avengers are also men, after all.

2. The supermarket stalkers.

3. Checkout!

4. He can't ignore that!

5. Even Barack Obama can't help but do things only men do.

6. Look at how excited these guys' faces are.

7. How can a chance at Maria Sharapova be missed?

8. This groom doesn't seem to care all that much about his bride.

9. Please, it's your wedding day!

10.  When Sean Combs went behind Jessica Biel's back to check her out.

11. The best selfie ever.

12. Beckham can't stop looking at her.

13. Even Woody Allen can't help it.

14. None of them can stay away from the girl.

15. You must take advantage of that!

16. Guys don't grow up; they get bigger.

17. Bruce Willis's actions say enough about what he's thinking.

18. How could they pass up the chance to be with a girl like this?

19. He is holding hands but can't seem to look at you.

20. There aren't many things men can't ignore.

21. I told you that men are always going to be men.

22. It's pretty standard for guys these days.

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