20+ Incredibly Weird photos that we have no idea what's going on

There are a lot of strange photos online. But sometimes you see pictures that are so strange that you have to laugh. Here are 22 that we like the most.

#1. Doggie sitting alone at bar with glass of wine

#2. Man poses in front of flipped car holding sewing machine

#3. Man holding seemingly drunk chimp as it pukes

#4. Three tigers sharing a hot tub

#5. World’s largest pile of chairs

#6. Tiger imposter taken away on stretcher as real tiger looks on

#7. Man covered in cactus

#8. Pony patiently waits indoor for drunk owner laying on floor

#9. Arab sheiks conduct business while watched over by costumed guards

#10. Man reclines with seductive pose while mounted by chickens

#11. Mother and child guard bathroom with alien dog

#12. Man literally covered in bread slices taunts seagulls

#13. Couple affectionately staring at dogs anus

#14. Distraught cat stares into abyss while showered by human owner

#15. Sloth eagerly awaits education while seated in classroom

#16. Man becomes tree

#17. Man takes family photo with dog and doll

#18. Man shares slice of bread with buffalo

#19. Woman with extreme makeup stares into camera

#20. Old lady tows husband straddled on childs rocking horse

#21. Fox waits in line at ATM to withdraw cash

#22. Rainbow painted man escapes earthly realm through toilet portal

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