18 instances where a humorous designer took requests for photos too literally

Have you used Photoshop before? Are you happy with the pictures you took? Photoshop is a powerful tool. If you have expert talents, it is possible to transform poor photographs into masterpieces. Applying makeup, condensing bodily parts, and erasing blemishes or undesired objects are just a few of the fascinating things Photoshop can let you do. Send your images to James Fridman, a talented and witty digital artist, if you find the work too difficult and want someone else to handle it for you.

On the one hand, you can look taller, slimmer, and fitter right away thanks to this expert designer. He can also crop out unpleasant subjects or add well-known sites to the background, giving you stunning pictures to show off to your friends. However, having a fantastic sense of humor, he took their demands to "correct" those images literally, which resulted in results that are both shocking and entertaining. To see 30 hilarious images that will make you giggle nonstop, scroll down.

#1. That’s a long leg

#2. What.. what did she expect?

#3. Kinda, look at the foot

#4. She said right hand

#5. Hole-y crap that’s amazing Photoshop

#6. Peeta Mellark, is that you?

#7. That statue stole the power bank

#8. Bravo!

#9. I wish I was a boy in someone’s head

#10. That looks intense

#11. As the french deserve

#12. True hero

#13. Good job James

#14. Painful truth

#15. OMG!!

#16. Now you have great white teeth

#17. Missing two now

#18. And the flat nose against the glass

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