18 Amazing Coincidences Caught on Camera at the coincidences photos

Sometimes the universe aligns in such a way that two or more similar things happen at the same time by chance. These coincidences can be surprising and make for some interesting photos when caught on camera at the perfect moment.

This gallery features 28 examples of coincidences captured on camera. From objects perfectly aligned to people showing up in the background of a photo at just the right time, these images will have you marveling at the randomness of life. All of the photos in this gallery are linked to their sources, so you can learn more about these chance occurrences and explore the work of the photographers who captured them.

Scroll down and enjoy this collection of interesting coincidences caught on camera. Be sure to visit the sources for more of these surprise moments.


#1 The dog is wearing eyeglasses.

#2 A robin red breast was spotted in the garden center, appearing as though it was attempting to purchase a bird feeder.

#3 It was quite a coincidence at the pub last night…

#4 Wow, what a coincidence.

#5 It was almost an amazing coincidence that the mother and daughter were both fans of the Royals.

#6 An ideal camouflage.

#7 What a nice beard! Hang on a minute…

#8 When humans and nature come together.

#9 What a coincidence.

#10 Such a perfect camouflage.

#11 ideal camouflage.

#12 The guy is representing both teams and still watching from the grandstand.

#13 A camel’s face.

#14 Oopsie.

#15 Check out the shadow.

#16 As I walked into the room, I realized that the floor and I had chosen the same outfit.

#17 Bringing a light.

#18 The cat is sitting in exactly the same spot.

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