17 Men Capable Of Completing Any Weird Duty

Every Gentleman would love to know about women, as they are interested in them. Also, on the other hand, it’s important to know how’s men’s mentality when they have to solve a problem.

Let’s just imagine that men possess a machine in their brain that helps them to come up with the most insane ideas. I bet that you could never guess what he has next time for you.

The following shows 17 men who came up with their idea to solve the problem. Spoiler: these men ain’t scared for anything.

#1 After playing Tetris for years and here it’s finally paid off.

#2 I got this, just hold the ladder for me!

#3 probably safety should go first!

#4 ” my parents bought a new bed but the nightstand looks shorter than it, so my father decides to drill it on the wall, problem solved!”

#5 When you left your safety helmet at home but you still get to complete the work.

#6 He better hung a board saying ” don’t worry it’s almost safe you all “.

#7 Men always got a crazy attachment with the stairs.

#8 It’s so clear that they didn’t see the final destination or else they have to explain their next action.

#9 ” My eyelids will take care of my eyes, it a fine “.

#10 This is too cool even for Tom Cruise.

#11 Let’s protect the toes at least.

#12 ” my co-worker repaired the linoleum floor with cardboard and laminated it with tape “.

#13 The trust between these two is crystal clear.

#14 This is what ” thinking outside of the box looks like”.

#15 This car belongs to a dentist.

#16 “This might look crazy but believe me this works so good”.

#17 My dad’s solution is when my dog refuses to trim the nails.

Bonus; Men prefer to have so much fun massively too

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