15 Pictures That Will Make You Think You're Smarter

No matter how smart someone is, there is always the chance that they will do something stupid. And not just silly stuff. Things that are so stupid that no one alive for more than a minute should ever do them. People say life is short, but the truth is that each day gives people more and more chances to do painfully stupid things. These dumb pictures of people doing dumb things will make you feel smarter because they show that. You won't believe how dumb some people can be. So, it's fine to laugh at them from your Internet connection.

1. Future Darwin Award Winner

2. Stuck In The Middle With You

3. Dumb & Dumbbells

4. All Brawn And No Brains

5. Don't Cry Over Spilled Beer


7. Explosively Stupid

8. If You're Gonna Get Wet

9. The Other 'Wet Bandits"

10. Can You Ear Me Now?

11. Watch Out For Mom

12. A Quiet Night In

13. Thong On So Many Levels

14. Head Of The Class

15. Adult Swim

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