Tattoo Artist Creates Tattoos That Change Form With Body Movement

Tattoos are commonly deemed as a form of body art to allow self-expression or to simply adorn one’s body. But what’s more impressive are these optical illusion tattoos that incorporate the body into the artwork itself. These mind-bending drawings change and fluctuate as you move, making your body as an integral part of the art as a whole. French tattooist Vek Van Hillik is pioneering a new style of mind-bending blackwork tattoo that ingeniously fuses surrealism and phantasmagoria.

By inking the phantasmagoric images on the folds of arms and legs, the optical illusion tattoos take on a different form when the arm or leg is stretched out or bent. One of his most awesome works is the leg tattoo featuring a big-eyed fish which is visible when the legs are folded. But once the leg is outstretched, the fish transforms into a majestic butterfly by revealing hidden details in the fold of the leg.

Optical Illusion Tattoos Change Form With Body Movement

By weaving the movement of your skin into the work, these optical illusion tattoos create a greater sense of individuality. This style also allows one to express more of themselves through a single image that changes form with the body movement. Moreover, the actual skin isn’t solely used just as a canvas but it also integrates it as an active element of the artwork.

To make the image look more intriguing, Van Hillik offers a touch of surreality into his subjects to play tricks on the eyes and mind. Animals that look like ghoulish creatures with realistic overly large eyes – the subjects indeed look disturbing and captivating at the same time.

You can see all of his stunning creations on his Instagram page. But we’ve picked out the best on the list below for your visual enjoyment. Don’t forget to follow the talented tattooist on Instagram to get the latest updates.

Source: Instagram

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