People Went Insane, And There Are 20+ Photos To Prove It

On social media, have you ever browsed through someone’s images and thought, “How on earth?!” If you’re anything like us, you wish everyone could comprehend their reasoning behind such absurd circumstances.

We’ve gathered a broad range of these kinds of images for this article. Although we don’t know the details of each one, we can promise that they will both surprise and amuse you.

#1 The urinal doesn’t appear to be all that interested in popcorn.

#2 Squirrels are becoming so diligent that they now favor elevators or stairs!

#3 An arachnid tea party

#4 Fruit Loops in a bowl

#5 It is only rational to assume that this individual is giving milk to someone they despise.

#6 Tricks to pull on your vegan pals

#7 Has anybody tried the Cheetos lock before? Does it operate?

#8 The “explanation face” on this youngster was a birth defect.

#9 This great bike security means “Just a pizza here, nothing to steal.”

#10 This guy will hopefully learn why mustard and vanilla don’t mix well.

#11 People shouldn’t trust 4-year-olds who act like this.

#12 Sweet boater’s bike, my friend!

#13 This palm tree has experienced some amazing things in its lifetime.

#14 This explains every injury we have.

#15 This memory card COULD NOT fit in the package.

#16 This grocery store clerk was skilled at what they were doing.

#17 Typically, we add them to our water. Who knew they could be used in this manner?

#18 Authentic hot dog

#19 The harm this pizza does is just as delectable.

#20 Trust me, take this from here.

#21 “Honey, let me to present Jared Longneck to you.”

#22 He’s here to provide you with companionship. Pulling his ear, mustache, or nose will cause him to roll.

#23 A person was seated at the kitchen table

#24 Spider-car

#25 The barbeque passenger

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