Hiding Something Interesting in 18 Pictures (Hint: You Just Have to Look a Little Closer)

Usually, we are too absorbed with our own problems to notice what is going on in the world. But if you look closer, you’ll see that there are all kinds of weird and humorous things all around you, such as people posting odd selfies without considering the repercussions and using ham as a background for manicure photos.

#1 Everybody should be able to enjoy simple summer pleasures.

#2 When your cat is a responsible individual:

#3 Trying to get people’s attention could seem like a terrible idea.

#4 It is amazing!

#5 breaking every rule

#6 When you’re your own best friend:

#7 He may have to wait for some time.

#8 A pencil case that has everyone baffled

#9 Too cool, in fact.

#10 When you’re the party’s best-dressed guest:

#11 “On June 39,” said the speaker.

#12 Goose drift

#13 When you are in love with a pillow:

#14 On one of the walls at work, there is a forest of wallpaper. I’m curious how soon the boss will take note of my improvement.

#15 We won’t let the weather derail our plans,

#16 “Finding the 8 was incredibly difficult.”

#17 “The Fourth of July dinner attire for my younger sister.”

#18 When you are given less care than your bathroom:

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