25 People Who Need to Upgrade Their Selfie Business

A 21-year-old artist who painted his own reflection in oil on wood in 1524 is credited with taking the first-ever selfie. Here we are, snapping images of ourselves with ease, half a millennium later. Perhaps it is this simplicity that leads to some people’s terrible (but hilarious) selfie gaffes.

#1 Took a selfie while getting a rabies injection.

#2 Oh, sh*t! in a literal sense

#3 Awful angle photography

#4 “Oh! You also desire a selfie?”

#5 Just purchased a new selfie stick.

#6 Coolio gets drink on him while fan is taking a picture.

#7 The individuals in the backdrop of the photo that some friends snapped were packing a baby into a cannon, they later discovered.

#8 This month, there could be a better selfie of a father holding a baby and a dog, but I highly doubt it.

#9 Even this dog has had enough of her.

#10 I assume she never left her hometown.

#11 Grandma, hello! Please, could you help me?

#12 Before sharing it on Instagram, did she notice?

#13 You are aware of what is going to occur, right?

#14 The little brother fails

#15 Why?

#16 When you stop going to the gym but don’t want to say anything about it in public:

#17 My girlfriend is constantly trying to take unauthorized photos of me. Yeah, that’s right.

#18 Honey, don’t right now, please.

#19 I’ve seen a lot in my life, but I’ve never seen a Corolla that was smoking and utilizing a selfie stick.

#20 Big hair is Patrick’s thing, so what?

#21 Attempting to be a cute chocolate lad…

#22 I I upon a vintage photograph of my great-grandfather taking a selfie. Some people will call it a fake.

#23 Selfie in the restroom. It’s brand-new; you wouldn’t get it.

#24 It will be criticized as Photoshop.

#25 He desired several simultaneous selfies.

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