25 People Who Had a Front-Row Seat to an Epic Fail

Everybody has bad days. Some are just humorous while others are awful. But since their days are as unfortunate as ever, these folks you’re going to witness don’t have much reason to smile. However, viewing the evidence in pictures has never been more enjoyable. Please pardon us, dudes.


#1 Climbing over never looked so bad.

© unknown/imgur

#2 40 in of pain

© unknown/imgur

#3 He obviously needs more scissors right now.

© unknown/imgur

#4 asked to place each onion ring in its own separate bill. Not all of them have the same price.

© feeshodoom/imgur

#5 Between the backboard and the wall behind it, my basketball became wedged. I tried to knock it down with a rock, thus this is what happened while I did so:

© unknown/imgur

#6 So by unintentionally, several of my coworkers damaged a pipeline, spilling 30 tons of flour all over the place.

© Antmf/reddit

#7 My clippers’ battery just died, and my first day of class is in an hour. So much for initial impressions, I suppose.

© CptColeman/reddit

#8 That wasn’t grass, I see.

© unknown/imgur

#9 had a bad day’s start.

© jendzd/imgur

#10 As I went underneath it, I was struck by this.

© jendzd/imgur

#11 It’s a playful cat.

© jendzd/imgur

#12 No work today, that’s a sign!

© unknown/imgur

#13 Homeschooling has taken on a whole new meaning.

© i_tried_ok_/reddit

#14 Hello

© unknown/imgur

#15 Nobody will try to steal it.

© unknown/imgur

#16 The very best cheesecake.

© Tom__Kelly/twitter

#17 She won’t soon be taking home any cooking competition victories.

© _lquestionl_/twitter

#18 Oh, today is snowy.

© Xingua92/reddit

#19 was transporting this piece of art to school when it hit the pavement.

© givemeinternet/twitter

#20 A woman’s worst fear

© unknown/imgur

#21 Macbooks and love don’t go together.

© lubokanata/reddit

#22 Playful feeling?

© Nartan457/imgur

#23 You can recover from this horrible day with some ice cream!

© pokelawls/twitter

#24 a ruler of his castle

© unknown/imgur

#25 I had lunch and came home to see this:

© unknown/imgur

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