22 People Who Were Surprised by Fate

Life is full of surprises, and these folks understand it better than anybody else. They were so taken aback that they couldn’t conceal it from the rest of the world. Some spotted a rabbit alone on a bus, while others saw a pigeon in a frying pan. And these aren’t even the most unexpected examples in this essay!

#1 Catch a fish and receive free frog legs!

#2 “This is what happens when I attempt to take a bath and surprise my wife…”

#3 Don’t annoy Siri…

#4 So we opened the electrical panel and discovered…

#5 Someone placed a toy in front of the camera, and this is what we saw:

#6 Do you wish to delight your husband? Take a lovely photo of his sinking automobile!

#7 “I told her I had a surprise in the bedroom for her.”

#8 “My portable phone charger is capable of charging itself.”

#9 Breakfast was being served to visitors.

#10 “I carved the pumpkin and promptly forgot what I was making.”

#11 Someone painted this rock to resemble a shark.

#12 When Amazon astounds you:

#13 Please show me your ticket.

#14 This is some grim humour…

#15 This business understands how to delight ladies.

#16 It’s better late than never.

#17 When your guy understands what it is to be romantic:

#18 When you glance out your window in the cold and see:

#19 “FedEx sent my sneakers to the residence next door by mistake. I went over to her place and noticed this… I’m at a loss for words.”

#20 “On my bus, there’s a bunny.”

#21 “My grandma decided to purchase the same gown so that we could match for my cousin’s wedding…

#22 “I walked to the kitchen and noticed this guy.”

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