22 Coincidences Proving Our Universe Has A Perfect Sense of Humor

Our reality continues to stun us with its supernatural occurrences and a considerable lot of them occur without the interest of people. Obviously, these aren’t wizardry stunts – they’re simply occurrences that we see occasionally in grocery stores, in the city, an extended get-away, and even at home.

#1 My strawberry/pistachio ice cream matched this couple’s matching outfits.

© Ezeoth / Reddit

#2 we wonder if the bus driver also bald

© youandmeandrainbows/imgur

#3 I spent 7. 11$ at the 7 eleven shop at 7.11am.

© trumpmctrumpface / Reddit

#4 “I concluded that I really want more rest when I saw them at the bus station.

© awestgate / Pikabu

#6 My phone blends too well with my computer.

© JDefined / Reddit

#7 The bundles from various food brands made an optimal picture.

© monkeyfrets / Reddit

#8 “I saw a piece of material that seems to be a man in an overcoat.”

© _omin0us / Reddit

#9 Such things happen as well.

© misterKras / Pikabu

#10 “My and my better half’s child pictures look very comparative.”

© ILiketurtles666 / Reddit

#11 What an occurrence!

© Whowantfreepie / Imgur

#12 Chameleon cheddar.

© Jester6641 / Reddit

#13 Bewildered!

© YehBoiPisces / Reddit

#14 “My educator’s cap mixes in with the blackboard such a lot of that I was unable to trust my eyes.”

© ajlavanway / Reddit

#15 Did they intend to do this?

© Mike91444 / Reddit

#16 “The plan on my flips flops matches the ocean side shore I was spending my get-away at.”

© pulpheroe / Reddit

#17 “A diary that impeccably matches my shirt!”

© rigoletta / Reddit

#18 “The manner in which the daylight hits this inflatable so maybe it is gleaming.”

© godsbadday / Reddit

#19 “My bacon seemed to be a seared pig.”

© FlaafyFlaff / Reddit

#20 Maybe those are not blue letters but rather spaces through which the sky should be visible.

© ivardj96 / Reddit

#21 “Purchased this outside couch without checking the size…”

© amindspin74 / Reddit

#22This10-penny coin fits the ring impeccably:

© greysoniscool2007 / Reddit

Bonus: don’t trigger your self it just a street art.

© Mark Jenkins

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