10 Facts of Life That We Habitually Don’t Notice

There is nothing that can be defined as human life. As more people enter the contemporary world and embrace science and technology, they increasingly renounce humanistic traits. Humans prefer materialism in this conflict between materialism and spiritualism because most of them believe that having more material stuff will make them happier. Finally, they lose touch with reality after being fooled by an illusionary world that appears to be delicious on the surface. The humorous pictures that the Romanian painters Horia Crisan and Bodgan Petry have been producing for the past 30 years represent this element of reality.

These pictures they made show the harsh realities of life that people are reluctant to acknowledge.

#1 True Love

Due to the relentless race for comfort and prosperity, the authentic and honest traits of people are not valued in today’s society. This image illustrates how today’s culture defines “real love.” The desire for luxury and money leads to a misinterpretation of it.

#2 Treatment for stupidity.

Although technology makes daily living easier for individuals, it has also become a reason for people not to think creatively. True wisdom is the root of happiness; it is like a heavenly cure for a terminal illness.

#3 The Bible is God’s correction.

God never categorizes people according to their level of wealth in his sermons. The positive characteristics of a person are what are valued as riches, but sadly, today’s culture believes naively in a perverted interpretation of God’s teaching that has been reimagined by the power structures in their favor.

#4 The Mind.

God’s marvelous creation of the human brain. The people who are drawn to it gradually mature and enter a new world.

#5 The “Victory” of the Revolutionaries.

Powerful individuals have learned the knack of misleading others with outward appearances that conceal corroded intents, and these dictators take advantage of true revolutionaries by giving them a triumph that resembles loss.

#6 A Grandmaster.

No matter how many people strive to get close to them, certain gifted individuals are incomparable.

#7 Veterinarian or doctor? Both?

Aren’t people complicated, though? They may require both human and animal care because of their universal features.

#8 The Future of the Soldier.

Soldiers’ futures are constantly in the hands of death!

#9 War.

In reality, people fight their own deaths in wars even when they believe they are fighting their adversaries.

#10 Two Inmates.

The world itself is a jail in which we are all imprisoned, regardless of whether it is an actual prison or not.

credit & More info: Petry and Crisan Cartoons

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