Wood Artist Mori Kono Carves Fallen Logs Into Cute Forest Animals

Who would have thought that fallen wooden logs can still be brought back to life? Most of us would just toss these logs into the oven fire with nothing else to do with them. But a certain artist would do something differently. He can turn any lifeless log into life-like animal sculptures and make them look like they’re crawling from the log. Mori Kono, a Japanese wood sculptor, can transform any log into figures of bears, chipmunks, raccoons, rabbits, and more. The artist is currently living in Canada where he and his team are offering wood carving and sculpting services.

You can see Kono’s creations through his official website MK Carving and Sculpting. From wood sculptures and carved doors to woodcarving restoration, he can make high quality creations according to customer’s requests. His team is open for commissioned projects for private clients, may it be large scale carvings or small custom gift. Aside from sculptures, the team also creates wood signs, architectural decors, mantels, totem poles, or centerpiece for a hotel lobby.

Wood Carving Artist Mori Kono Transforms Ordinary Logs Into Impressively Detailed Animal Sculptures.


To carve out intricate details from the wooden log, Mori Kono uses a small chisel and other power tools for sculpture. To bring the sculpture to life, he adds more colors to highlight features such as the eyes, feathers and furs. Kono’s studio is aiming to incorporate the beauty of nature with wood sculpture, so people can appreciate it more.

“If our completed works of art are able to contribute to society, to have a deeper feeling and respect towards nature and the wild,” says the team, “then that is our greatest dream!”

The skilled artist documents his techniques and processes on social media.

You can reach and talk to them if you want to avail their services. And you can also check out the studio’s Facebook and Instagram page to see their latest creations.

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