This Guy Puts Googly Eyes On Outdoor Objects Bringing Them To Life (15 Pics)

Winter is coming and while we’re excited for the festivities, some find the blanket of snow quite… boring. Take Adam for example. Not wanting to let the gloomy winter put a damper on his sunny disposition, he took it upon himself to walk around armed only with googly eyes and his playful creativity to bring a smile to the people of his town. He started putting googly eyes on outdoor objects in January 2017 and it’s really quite amazing.

“Winter in Scandinavia will last for like six months. So I get bored and restless and decided to glue googly eyes to everything and all over my monochrome hometown. I think it’s called eyebombing. I hope you’ll like it!” Adam wrote when he introduced his amusing handiwork.

Adam’s innocent project of sticking googly eyes on outdoor objects has become an internet trend that people actually love

It’s truly amazing how small details can transform mundane objects into fascinating attractions. The googly eye sticker sure had many possibilities that no one else could see. Adam has managed to give life and personality to otherwise ordinary objects like garbage bins, pipes, holes in walls, and fallen lamp posts. Since going viral, some have branded Adam as the “Googly Eye Vandal”, however, he explains that:

“Before you get all upset over this, I actually never glue the eyes on statues. It’s just adhesives.”

We haven’t seen Adam sticking googly eyes on objects since May 2017, but he sure had quite the impressive initiative. It puts a smile on our face that this young man was able to put an element of surprise and whimsy to his “monochromatic hometown”.

Adding googly eyes to trash bins seems like a really clever way to encourage people to throw their rubbish properly.

Oh, and if you can also see inanimate objects having an almost human-like appearance like Adam, you are not alone or crazy. It’s actually a pretty common condition called Pareidolia, wherein our mind perceives patterns, like those that make a face, even though it isn’t really meant to have a ‘face’.

Hopefully the police officers had a good chuckle when they discovered that they’d been Googly-fied!

Creative minds really do have more fun. So next time you walk around, you and your friends or family can make a fun game out of it as well! It’s a really simple but super fun activity, in our opinion.

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