This Dad Turns His Sons’ Artwork Into Awesome Anime Characters

Dads can make everything better. Just like this dad for instance who turns his sons’ drawings into awesome anime characters. So, Thomas Romain is a French animator who is currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2001, he has been working in Japanese manga (comics) and anime production and some of his most notable works include Aria, Basquash, Symphogear, Space Dandy and Cannon Busters.

But on social media, Thomas is popularly known as the guy who draws amazing characters based on his two son’s drawings. As you can see from the photos, his sons Ryunosuke and Itsuki are good at drawing to begin with. So, it’s easy to see that these kids have a great potential to become professional animators in the future, just like their dad. Impressed by his sons’ drawings, Thomas redraws the characters and turns them into impressive watercolor illustrations that look like they came straight out of an anime show.

This Animator Creates Epic Anime Characters Based On His Sons’ Drawings

Using his sons’ original character design, he then polishes each character and adds in some crucial details to complete the illustration. His sons would come up with cool character concepts and he would later give life to their ideas. He and his sons would also give names to the characters they have created and it’s as if every character has their own interesting story to tell.

So, in his Father and Sons’ Design Workshop project, Thomas publicly shows how he transformed his sons’ character ideas into anime characters. With Ryunosuke and Itsuki supplying him with various ideas, it was indeed a remarkable collaboration between a dad and his sons. And people couldn’t help but be amazed with the results. While many people are even looking at the possibility of an animated series based on their creations.

Anime Artist Thomas With His Sons Ryunosuke And Itsuki

Thomas Romain

With All That Said, Let’s Take A Look At Some More Of Their Cool Characters!

All Of Their Characters Are So Unique And Fun

Here Is The Family Traits Illustration Book


Finally We Have This Awesome Character To Show You

Thomas’ illustrations became so popular that he decided to compile some of his best works into an illustration book and the hardcover book titled Family Traits was released in November 2018. It features the most amazing character designs from both father and sons with creative commentary, rough concepts and bonus illustrations included. The illustration book is currently available on Amazon and you can also follow Thomas on Instagram to keep updated with their latest creations.


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