Minimalist Ear Tattoos Are Fast Becoming A Trend

Tattoos are awesome. We all stop and stare when we come across a person sporting some eyecatching body art. But big, bold body art is not everyone’s cup of tea. But some of us prefer small, subtle, and dainty ink that unsuspecting eyes would fail to notice. Because it’s just easier to get away with. And we’ve been seeing a lot of dainty tattoos cleverly hidden away in areas safe from scrutiny lately, and it’s pretty awesome. If you’re a fan of these types of tattoos then you might want to consider the Helix Ear Tattoo.

With the ear tattoo trend, the designs are inked onto the cartilege and lobe of your ear. It’s a really clever place to have inked, since you can hide away the tattoo with your hair! However, if you have the tattoo inked onto the outer ridge or the helix of your ear, it’s called The Helix Ear Tattoo. This dainty ink job kind of looks like a decorative cuff, which is just badass and amazing.

The Helix Ear Tattoo is the perfect balance of tough chic and feminine elegance

Helix Ear Tattoos Are Harder To Create

Tattoo artists normally work on wide, flat areas of the body like the back, arm, leg, or chest. They usually don’t work with such tiny areas like the outer ridge of the ear. But of course, tattoo artists are always up for the challenge. Working on ear tattoos like the helix ear tattoo requires a great deal of creative problem solving skills and superb inking technique.

For instance, Korean tattooist, Zihee, has only been able to create two stunning helix ear tattoos. Each tattoo features a thin vine that wraps wholly around the ear, top to bottom. But the second tattoo that Zihee made is punctuated with two flowers on the lobe, like a permanent earring.Of course, floral designs aren’t the only options out there.

Tattoo artists are masters at manipulating the simple line and turning them into something else entirely, after all.




And suddenly, we’ve just found ourselves a loophole over the “no tattoos” dress code. Would you get a helix ear tattoo?

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