Fathers who are willing to go the extra mile for their children

Some dads can do everything, from letting their daughters paint their nails to making toys for their kids. They put their children's happiness above all else, even if it means getting out of their comfort zone.

According to sawfeed, These "daddy greatest" make the world a better place one happy kid at a time.

1. "Some things are always the same."

2. "It's hard to be a single dad."

3. "As a dad, it's always a win when I give my daughter a hairstyle that makes her feel like a queen."

4. "In the early 1990s, my dad was rappelling with me on his back."

5. "Dad is teaching me how to make cornbread. In 1986, in Houston, Texas.

6. "The go-cart my father made for me when I was about six years old (1996)."

7. "This picture of my daughters and me from 25 years ago. I've had a great life."

8. "My dad taught me how to skate! (1995)"

9. "While taking care of me, my dad went to school to become a doctor. 1984”

10. This picture of my dad and me camping in 1987.

11. When things were hard for my family, my stepdad took care of us.

12. My son asked my dad where he could find a hidden treasure. He made a map, hid treasures around our property, and then took him on a treasure hunt.

13. When I lost my hair, my dad shaved his head to support me. The next logical step was to take a "Bald is Beautiful" family portrait.

14. "My dad gave me a half-up "senorita" style, which was my favourite. Who says dads can't also be moms?

What is the best thing you remember about your dad? share  your cute pictures in the comments section.

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