20+ photos that were captured at the perfect moment

Inspiring pictures taken at at the right moment are displayed in this post. Taking photos involves a lot of luck. If you're lucky, waiting for the ideal opportunity to shoot the photo is all that's required—no special abilities required. You will see what we mean after seeing the images below.

Just scroll down and have fun.

1. As the saying goes, one person's happiness is another person's pain.

2. Flying free as a bird

3. Wow, that's a little scary.

4. Little guy, I like your ponytail.

5. I'm not sure what was going on here.

6. That looks like an eye, for sure.

7. Things that stink

8. The strange one!

9. Abracadabra!

10. Those priceless words and phrases!

11. Whose tail is that, anyway?

12. Life's two sides in one picture!

13. Someone thought they could walk on water.

14. Shadow is the best glue ever!

15. Kitty love!

16. Human with a fish face?

17. Kids and their play

18. Quiet before the storm

19. Ooops

20. A doggo-dragon!?

21. Doesn't the hat seem too small?

22. What an honest ad!

23. Something seems to be different today.

24. times when even the best plan goes wrong!

25. He also sometimes likes to dance.

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