17 Pictures That Could Give You the Feeling of Being Inside an Inception

The majority of optical and photographic illusions cause what we see to be at odds with reality and the rules of physics. However, a second and perhaps third glance reveals the real truth rather than the illusion. We could be so taken aback that we step into a trap and notice something that was never there to begin with. Humans enjoy being surprised because they might learn something new, which may be the cause of this.

Saw Feed prepared 17 brand-new pictures that show how sometimes we are just one click away from having a highly confusing picture.

1. “Feeding Glenn a duck heart”

2. “Horse head centaur”

3. “Catception”

4. “The flying cat-mobile”

5. “A flying kayak”

6. “A soccer player scoring a goal”

7. “Pretzel dog is a pretzel.”

8. “Big Foot napping on the shoreline”

9. “My giant butt”

10. “The clouds look like the ocean.”

11. This is not her nose.

12. Sitting while levitating

13. “Tiny extinguisher or huge books?”

14. “A square cat”

15. “A long gigantic arm”

16. “Accidental cosplay”

17. “That’s a beard”

Have you ever shot a photo that had everyone's eyes glaze over, whether on purpose or accidentally?

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