This Parrot Got A Second Chance At Life After Getting New Prosthetic Beak

A parrot with severely damaged beak was found and rescued in Brazil. But thankfully, a Brazil-based animal rehabilitation center was able to reconstruct a fully functioning prosthetic beak to give the poor bird a second chance at life.

A bird’s beak is the most important resource it has as it uses it to gather and break apart food. Furthermore, they also use it to collect materials for nesting and to protect their territory. Hence, a bird cannot survive without its strong bill. But what happens if, due to some circumstances, a bird’s bill is damaged?

Vet Creates Prosthetic Beak To Save This Parrot With Severely Damaged Beak

Anatomically, the bones in a bird’s bill are connected to the skull. So, when the bill is broken or amputated, it will not grow back. Without this essential body part, birds generally cannot adapt and would eventually die as they cannot properly eat, build a nest, and defend themselves in the wild.

For some unknown reason, this bright green parrot was found with its bill almost completely gone. The bird was brought to Renascer ACN, an animal rescue and rehabilitation center based in Planura, Brazil. Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata, the founder of Renascer ACN, was the first to evaluate the condition of the hopeless bird. With the upper bill entirely gone and the lower bill severely broken, Nunziata knew that the bird’s condition was beyond repair. But saving the bird is still possible by constructing a prosthetic beak that will be attached to the mouth in place of the one that got broken off.

Nunziata worked with veterinarian Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió who specializes in animal orthopedics. The vet rehabilitates injured animals with plastic resin prosthesis to reconstruct body parts that were lost. First, she repaired the lower bill by reconstructing it with a prosthetic beak handmade out of polymethylmethacrylate. When she’s done with the lower bill, she proceeded with the upper bill by creating an entire bill out of polymethylmethacrylate material. She attached a couple of metal braces into the parrot’s upper beak to hold the prosthetic beak in place. After the binding, the parrot’s bill looked as good as new.

The Prosthetic Beak Was Handmade Of Plastic Resin Material To Replicate A Real Bird’s Bill

Thanks to its prosthetic beak, the parrot can now return to its normal life. However, they cannot return it to the wild as this would put the bird at risk of breaking its bill again due to constant use. The green parrot has fully recovered and is now living in a safe environment where it doesn’t need to hunt for food, build its nest, or defend itself from predators. Thus, it eliminates the risk of overusing its bill and breaking it in the process.


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