This Harpy Eagle Is So Big, It Looks Like A Human In A Costume

Did you know that the size of an eagle’s talon is about as big as a human hand? Well, you better believe that the rest of the bird is pretty impressively sized too. Just take the harpy eagle for example – this majestic eagle is so massive (and kind of goofy looking) that people actually think it’s a human wearing a bird costume!

The eagle can weigh up to 22 lbs (10 kg) and its wingspan can reach up to 7 feet (2.13 m) – talk about a flying giant!

The harpy eagle is so big, people actually think it’s a human in a bird costume    

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Recently someone uploaded a picture of the harpy eagle to the /r/NatureIsF-ingLit/ subreddit and it got over 92k upvotes in a day. People were absolutely amazed by this giant bird and some couldn’t believe it was actually real.

The harpy eagle was named after the mythical creature Harpy – a half-human, half-bird person

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The harpy eagle’s diet mainly consists of small animals – you know, like monkeys and sloths. Hopefully, humans are not part of it!

For such majestic birds, the harpy eagles look kind of derpy at times

Image credits: cuatrok77

Image credits: cuatrok77

The harpy eagle is a pretty rare species and the birds are mostly found in rainforests around Central and South America, mainly in Brazil.

You probably wouldn’t want to mess with these guys

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Sadly, rapid deforestation is destroying the birds’ habitats, leading to them becoming almost extinct in Central America.

Their talons are about the same size as a human hand

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People had a lot to say about this bird

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