Rare Baby Donkeys Twins Born On Oklahoma Farm, What A Huge Blessing

It’s always great news when baby animals are born, and it’s even better when they’re twins: two babies means double the cuteness, writes www.thepetneeds.com

But one pair of newborn donkeys is making headlines because of how remarkably rare they are: only 1.5% of donkey mares have twins.

Belle, a female donkey belonging to Saundra Traywick, gave birth to the rare twins on August 25, one male and one female.

They were named Trampas and Betsy, after characters from the western TV show The Virginian.

According to KOKH, the Traywick have been helping Belle nurse her newborns. While donkey twins are already rare, it is even less common for them to survive into adulthood, so its essential to keep an eye on their health.

While the female is reportedly smaller and weaker than the male, both newborns are nursing and seem to be doing well. “It’s looking good right now,” Saundra told KOKH.

“Its a huge, huge blessing for our farm and so much fun to have them here,” she told FOX 23.

Despite the rarity of twin donkeys, this actually isn’t the farm’s first experience with it: they had another pair of twin donkeys born five years ago, and they are still going strong.

“At the time we didn’t know it was an anomaly. We were like ‘oh look, twins!’” Saundra told KOKH.

The donkeys raised on the farm are an essential part of Saundra’s business: she runs Dulce de Donkey, which sells donkey milk and skin care products.

Saundra says that donkey milk has health benefits, and she donates her product to children with health issues through the nonprofit Hee Haw for Health.

What a wonderful surprise it is to have such a rare arrival. We hope these beautiful newborn twin donkeys continue to thrive.

Welcome to the world, Trampas and Betsy Share this great news!

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