From A Poor Dog To A Therapy Dog – The Efforts Of The Bl.ind Maggie!

Wishing you a life full of love and hugs  

Before becoming a therapy dog, throughout Maggie’s wr.etched life, she was sh.o.t 17 times had his ears [c.u.t off], and was also pr.egnant. After all that sadness, now it’s nice to see that she’s been compensated with love.

In Lebanon, a dog was found in a very [te.rri.ble] condition. The dog was about 5 years old; her ear had been c.u.t, the eyes were [pr.otru.ding] and one side of the jaws was cr.ushed. She was in a carton, pregnant but she starved herself.

But that was not the end of the story. Kasey, an animal lover living in Brighton, decided to adopt the po.or dog through the introduction of the Wild at Heart Foundation. It can be said that this was the wisest decision of Kasey’s life.

Since then, the puppy has been trained and used as a therapeutic assistant. Despite her physical defects, Maggie is still active and energetic like any other dog. Kasey commented that Maggie is a talented dog and she brings a lot of luck and happiness to those around her. Currently, she is enjoying her welfare life.

Maggie is an amazing dog who inspires positivity in all of us with her courage and endless desire to live. That strong will never go away until God brings her back to him.

Grateful to Kasey who saved Maggie’s life and took care of her so that she could live in kindness and protection. She deserves a beautiful life. Kasey will help her forget the past and start a happy future.

Hopefully, good things will come to her in the next part of her life for her to fulfill her life mission!

Maggie is a great dog and anyone who has her would be so lucky because she has so much love to share!

Godbless you and lots of warm hugs. You deserve them 💚💚💚

God bless you Maggie 🙏

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