Fantastic Buildup of Hummingbird House Summer Spring


All Birds Build new nests each spring A nest is used only as a nursery to raise babies. When the young fly from the nest, they do not return to it.

Therefore, a nest is hot actually home from that first flight on, the young birds perch on branches, to sleep at night, just as their parents do.

If you find a nest with eggs or babies, don’t visit it too often or for too long a time. The path you make to the nest may lead to danger to the family. And if you keep the parents away too long, the eggs or the nestlings may chill.

You will notice that each kind of bird always chooses the same kind of place for its nest. A robin always builds its nest on a fork of a branch, and an oriole’s nest is always hung from the tips of thin twigs high up from the ground.

Each kind of bird always uses the same materials to identify the nest of a specific bird, you need to know where the nest was, how high up from the ground it was built, its size, and the materials used.

Feather collections can be fascinating. Every bird grows a new set of feathers at least once a year, sometimes twice.

The process of shedding the old worth feathers, usually a pair at a time is called mounting and occurs in late summer. 

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