Darling baby kitties,ready to grow up as gentle Gaints

Who’s these funny looking cuties mm..? This cat breed called “Maine Coon”. A playful, large, furry breed and their this cute look has given them a nick name as “Gentle Giant”.

Giant eh? You might think differently, looking at these tiny ones. But yes, these little kittens grow up really big comparatively other cat breeds.

These gray new born Maine Coons belong to Casvill County House of Cats runs by Tatyana Rastorgueva. She has shared some funny yet cute photos and videos of these kittens since their birth. And some of their photos with narrowed eyes and furrowed brows, can make somebody think they’d yell at your face like some irritable old men. But actually, they are sweet and amenable(when not playing) as any other kittens and make little chirping noise which can melt your heart.

Scroll down to take a look at some snaps of these little cuties. Aren’t they really looks like a tiny gang of crabby old men?

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