Artist Kristian Mensa Produces Ingenious Miniature Drawings Using Common Objects

Inspiration can be found anywhere, and even commonplace items can be used to create a piece of art. Helga and Vincent Bal are two skilled painters who have used and incorporated commonplace materials into their creations. And we're thrilled to add another amazing artist to this outstanding group. Dancer and illustrator from the Czech Republic, Kristian Mensa. He's a well-known dancer, so you probably know him. But as he establishes himself as an artist, his suppleness and grace as a dancer also show in his astute illustrations.

Mensa frequently uses common materials to produce amusing images that capture youthful imagination. He whimsically incorporates everyday objects into his artworks because he recognizes their potential as a medium for art. He reimagines commonplace objects that we see and use every day, turning them into amusing illustrations with a whimsical combination of 2D and 3D elements, using the pen to draw bold lines and a few subtle brush strokes.

Everyday Objects Turned Into Fun Illustrations












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