After being saved from Hurricane Isaac, Jill the squirrel won't sleep without her teddy.

Instagram is dominated by cute animal photos. And you're missing out on a lot if you haven't followed Jill the Squirrel yet. It makes sense that dogs and cats would compete fiercely for the Instagram kingdom in terms of popularity. But in all honesty, it appears that dogs are winning the Instagram war. A brown Pomeranian puppy named Jiffpom has been acclaimed as Instagram's most popular pet with the most followers. Well, cat lovers shouldn't pout because Nala the Cat took second place. The majority of the top 10 pet celebs are dogs, but one was a complete surprise. A cute squirrel with the Instagram name this girl is a squirrel currently holds the sixth position.

Meet Jill The Squirrel, The Most Famous Squirrel On Instagram

What distinguishes this adorable squirrel from other Instagram celebs with pets, then? In August 2012, after Hurricane Isaac slammed Louisiana, Jill the squirrel was saved. Her owners claimed that she had accidentally fallen out of her nest while they were at the shop, so they had to temporarily take her in and take care of her. The family was delighted to retain her as a pet because she ultimately loved her new home. She has advanced significantly since then—from a rescued squirrel to an internet sensation—and is now 7 years old.

Jill the squirrel lives a luxurious lifestyle, which attests to her caring owners. She adores wearing cute tiny dresses, celebrating her birthdays, eating delectable snacks, and even taking family vacations.

And Jill the Squirrel has a favorite toy much like any other little children her age. Her Instagram feed has pictures that give the impression that she and her teddy bear are inseparable. The adorable squirrel is unable to sleep without her plush animal because she is so attached to it. Nothing could be cuter than a cute squirrel embracing a tiny teddy bear.

View some of the pictures of her with her soft teddy bear. We hope this cuteness overload won't overwhelm you.

Source: Instagram

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