A scared puppy was saved by dolphins from drowning in a Florida waterway.

Dolphins are intelligent, observant mammals who frequently receive praise for saving both people and other animals when they are in need. Although they have a reputation for being fun, they can also be unpredictable and protective. There are several tales of dolphins protecting humans from predators or navigating ships through choppy waters.

A little cinnamon-brown terrier that got lost in the choppy waters of a canal near Marco Island, Florida, was saved by dolphins in this incident. The small dog must have struggled to maintain its buoyancy when a pod of dolphins came into view.

The dolphins swam over to the frightened dog and started circling and barking at it. Some locals in the area were interested in the disturbance and walked to the canal’s edge to investigate. Thankfully, they spotted the small puppy struggling furiously in the water, encircled by dolphins.

The weary dog was spotted being prodded on the water’s surface by one of the dolphins with his snout, while another dolphin was seen going beneath the dolphin to assist it stay afloat. The dolphins seemed to know what to do to keep the dog alive while also drawing people’s attention to themselves so they could help save the dog from the deep ocean.

Quickly, the onlookers dialed the fire department. The first responders sprung into action to save the poor tiny puppy from the roaring floods that were threatening to drown it. The firefighters guessed that the unfortunate creature had been submerged for 15 hours while providing first aid.

The fortunate dog unquestionably owes its survival to the dolphin pod that saved it after it had the foresight to call for assistance. Not to mention the heroic firefighters who stepped in to assist.

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