20+ Amazing Instagram Photos That Made It To National Geographic

Quite recently, the NatGeo (or most of you would know as National Geographic) magazine launched a contest where internet users were invited to share the best photos of nature that they’ve captured using the hashtag #natgeo100contest. As this became so popular the number of subscribers of NatGeo sky-rocketed to reach 100 million. Here are 27 of the best entries submitted to the contest.

1. This is what happens when you don’t get along with your friends.

2. Drinking water amidst a stampede

3. Perfect moment, perfect picture

4. Such a beautiful backlight

5. Let’s go check out the bottom of the sea.

6. What power a storm has

7. Excellent company

8. He had just come to spend some time alone.

9. Let the sunrise through my antlers.

10. When community and nature are in harmony

11. This is pure happiness

12. Take a look through my eyes.

13. Behold, the power of nature

14. Aquaman? This is the one true Aquaman

15. The wind beneath his fur

16. Please don’t let me go.

17. What a beautiful sunset

18. One of the greatest meetings of all

19. A perfect reflection of snow-capped mountains

20. A perfect shot.

21. Happy Holi

22. A priceless look

23. Never be shy to share

24. You are my new best friend.

25. Don’t these colors just give you goosebumps?

26. Can you find the difference?

27. I carry the weight of the world

Such incredible captures, heartiest congratulations to all who took part. Share with us what you liked the most.

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