Artist ‘Tango’ Creates Cute Little Illustrations With Their Own Creative Twists

Comic art (or simply comics) is a series of drawings typically accompanied with text that tells a story. As a medium of storytelling, adding text and dialogues in comics allow the artists to narrate the message they want to convey. But there are also various cartoonists who can freely express the message or the story with clever illustrations only – without any text or dialogue. One of the most popular of these cartoonists is Gao Youjun, aka Tango Gao on social media.

This Chinese artist is known for his minimalistic, thought-provoking comics mostly drawn in black and white, although he sometimes adds a dash of color in some of his drawings. His clever illustrations present tongue-in-cheek visual humor that poke fun at the oddities of modern life. People and animals are recurring subjects but he also injects some life into random objects turning them into fascinating characters that give subtle cultural and social criticism.

Clever Illustrations With Humorous Twists

Instead of dialogues, Tango brilliantly uses optical illusion as the punchline. His pantomime comics depict the subjects normally interacting with each other. But once you take a closer look, you’ll discover the subtle message slowly taking form on the image. The Shanghai-based cartoonist has been creating clever illustrations with amusing twists since 2010. His simple, quirky style made him gain international recognition and his works have also been collected in printed media since 2014.

You can follow the talented cartoonist on Instagram to keep updated with his most recent comics. Also check out our previous collection of his clever illustrations here.

Source: Instagram

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