24 Unusual Tattoos That Put A Unique Twist On The Art

Are you planning to get inked? But can’t find the perfect design? If so, take a look at these unusual tattoos because there are ideas to help you. The art of tattooing is believed to date back 12,000 years and it seems like tattooing is more popular today than ever. This is due to the art evolving over the course of time as now designs adapt to current trends. Not only that but there are so many different styles of body art to. Traditional tattoos are still used today. However, people tend to choose designs that include flowers, dragons, hearts, skulls, stars and even kanji scripts.

As a result people are now searching for more unusual tattoos. If you’re one of those who want to steer clear of the more popular tattoo designs, then you might want to look for something one-of-a-kind. We can help you find your ideal tattoo because we have found some awesome designs. These are quite unique so you probably haven’t seen these before. So, if you want to be different then you can find some inspiration here. You can also share your unique tattoo in the comment section to because then you may inspire someone else. Whether you like simple or bold designs there is a tattoo for you.




“Arm band to commemorate a year traveling the world”


Simpsons Tattoo

“Astronaut And Deep Sea Diver”

“My Dali-Inspired Elephant”



“My Floral Moon Phases”

This Cool Chair is One of the Most Unusual Tattoos

“Gentle, Not Vulgar”


“My Secret Tattoo. Orion’s Belt As Freckles.”

Not Your Ordinary ‘Heart’ Tattoo


“Forearm Tattoo Representing My Mum And Dad”

“To Throw Its Skin”


“My First Tattoo. Creation Of Adam.”

“Space Dog Chasing Space Cat”

Color Line


“My First Tattoo Today! The Logogram For Human From The Movie ‘Arrival'”

“My UV Patronus Tattoo”

Smile Tattoo


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