A covert camera caught this adorable moment of a little bear cub taking a bath with a stuffed bear.

As a young bear cub, Tamarack was discovered in a region of Northern California that had been ravaged by wildfire. His paws suffered damage from the flames.

His saviours were astounded when he escaped into the wild while he was receiving therapy at a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Despite the difficulties he had in the past, Tamarack is still with us now. The truth of the matter may be seen clearly in the video.

Toogee Sielsch, passionate about wildlife, has been monitoring Tamarack’s movements with the help of trail cameras ever since he escaped last summer.

From here, it’s easy to see that the cub is growing and getting stronger.

Tamarack was photographed while washing herself in a large puddle by one of Sielsch’s cameras.

On the other hand, he wasn’t by himself. It seems that Tamarack was being accompanied by a stuffed bear that he had previously found and befriended.

Tamarack is fond of the bear toy, although its history is a mystery. Sielsch couldn’t help but grin when he watched them playing together.

Sielsch explained to The Dodo that this incident represented the playful nature of all black bears, not just adolescent bears.

This video is the most recent triumphant episode in a life that got off to a rocky start.

We are optimistic, although there is yet more to come.

Sielsch has stated that it fills her heart with joy to watch her son overcome his challenges as an orphaned and injured cub of the year and make progress.

A fantastic illustration of the tenacity of wild animals.”

H/T: kingdomstv

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