Artist Helga Turns Everyday Items Into Fun Little Characters

We see and use them every day, everyday items have been basic parts of our daily lives. So, they’re not especially interesting because we’re used to these things every single day. But not for Russian-born, London-based visual artist Helga Stentzel. With her playful imagination, she reimagines even the most mundane household stuff into fascinating characters.

Hanging laundry transformed into a horse, lettuces forming an adorable dog, washing machines making a funny face, and a pair of tea bags reading a book. This creative artist never runs out of ideas as she could draw inspiration from everyday items around her. In her series of prints called Household Surrealism, Stentzel rejigs ordinary things to make them appear like playful characters with fanciful emotions.

Visual Artist Turns Everyday Items Into Fun Characters

In order to portray the desired emotion, Stentzel sometimes adds hand-drawn details such as eyes and mouth on everyday items. Arranged in specific poses and shapes, the artist shows that there is fun in these ordinary humdrum things. And she made it very clear by letting us peek into how she sees these basic commodities in her own eyes.

Even though she can find inspiration from her day-to-day activities, the artist admits that it takes time before can visualize the transformation. Most of the time, she would need to stare at the thing for long to conjure up the image she wanted to create.



Brace yourself for a visual treat as we take you to the wonderful world of Stentzel where ordinary objects turn extraordinarily fun. Or you can follow the visual artist on Instagram to get updated with her latest creations. Trust us, you’ll never look at everyday items the same way ever again.

Common Household Objects Reimagined As Playful Characters 




















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