The Best Snow Sculptures From A Japanese Artist That Are Next Level 'Cool'

Aside from sweater weather, hot beverages, and comfortable nights by the fire, one of the most thrilling aspects of winter is the snow. Snowball battles and snowman construction are, after all, essential parts of the winter season. While most of us participate in these activities for sheer enjoyment, some use them to demonstrate their competitiveness and ingenuity. In the spirit of creativity, a Japanese artist recently went viral for his magnificent snow sculptures of well-known pop culture figures.

Anyone who has attempted to construct a snowman can attest to the difficulty of the task. That may not be the case for this brilliant sculptor, though. This "snow artisan," who goes by the Twitter handle @mokomoko 2015, builds life-size frozen copies of characters from anime, video games, and movies. His snow works show his extraordinary attention to detail and mastery of the unique material, as seen in Studio Ghibli films, Pokémon, Godzilla, and more.

This artist from Japan creates life-size snow sculptures inspired by characters from anime, video games and movies




He not only meticulously creates each figure, but he also employs mind-blowing lighting effects when necessary. For example, to depict Godzilla's nuclear pulse capacity, he put blinking blue LEDs on the back of the sculpture.


The Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro is another fantastic piece. The 12-legged cat disguised as a bus served as the characters' method of transportation in the film. The artist also added lights to its eyes and torso to make it look like it did in the movie.


Totoro and Friends


Sculptures of various Pokémon characters, such as Mew, Magikarp, and Charmander, are among his other notable works. He's also sculpted figures of well-known Western pop culture icons like the Minions and Star Wars droids, in addition to anime characters.




BB-8 and D-0

R2-D2 and BB-8

The ephemeral nature of snow undeniably gives his art a bittersweet charm

Given the transitory nature of snow, it's really pretty disappointing that @mokomoko 2015's masterpieces won't last. But maybe that's what gives his works their bittersweet allure. Not to add, his efforts and commitment are all the more impressive as a result of this. Fortunately, this year's winter in Japan will linger until the end of March, so we'll likely see more of his incredible inventions in the coming weeks! Meanwhile, have a look at some of his prior work in the gallery below!

Takeshi Goda



Wild Fox



Jiji and Lily


 Kitan Club Sitting Cat






Rascal the Raccoon



Spider Demon Rui




So, now you have seen some of his amazing work, which sculpture is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section. We don’t know about you but we can’t decide!

Source: mokomoko_2015

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