Artist Lene Kilde creates "incomplete" sculptures that capture children's personalities.

When an artwork is finished, it is said that you can see how the artist has tied all of the parts together. Harmony of elements appears to be an important characteristic in conveying the artist's message to the audience. However, Lene Kilde, a Norwegian artist, defies convention by producing unfinished sculptures. Each of her sculptures is plainly missing certain substantial pieces that would complete the work. But it is the concept behind her distinct artistic style.

You could see right away that her sculptures are missing sections. The colourful metal mesh cloth and cement-sculpted limbs hint to the primary theme. Lene Kilde masterfully depicts the pure spirits of her subjects using concrete, metal mesh, and air, inspired by the joyful and healthy personalities of youngsters. How can one convey the subject's feelings to the audience using only the hands and feet, without the head and torso?

Norwegian Artist Lene Kilde Creates ‘Incomplete’ Sculptures Of Children

Each Piece Of Art Has A Story Behind It

While it's true that the easiest method to transmit nonverbal thoughts is through face expression, Lene Kilde attempted the unthinkable by removing that crucial aspect from her sculptures. One would imagine the sculpture was only half-finished because of the little hands and feet joined by unfinished clothes. Despite the paucity of details, the placement of the components in various stances effectively depicts the playful and timid personalities of toddlers. It's as though each piece conveys a secret tale by using items like toys, microphones, books, lollipops, and more.


The Viewer Perception Of The Art Is Important

Lene Kilde is one of the rare artists that allows the audience to fill in the blanks with their imagination. Every masterpiece has a narrative to tell, and it is up to the audience to tell it. As a result, in order for the sculpture to be complete, the observer must become an important part of it. To explore the artist's whole incredible collection of unfinished sculptures, visit and follow her on Instagram.

As You Can See The Sculptures Are Very Unique

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