Praying mantis encased inch tall archaic piece of amber worth $6000

Picture courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

Isn't it amazing to see millions of years old creature in mint condition just as alive?

Prehistoric praying mantis has found, frozen in a piece of amber which is about one inch tall. And it has sold in Heritage Auction for $6000 in 2016. Peculiarity about this little piece of frozen resin is, being crystal clear and giving an incredible view of ancient mantis, even after millions of years. This pristine piece of amber called Dominican resin and found from Dominic Republic.

The amber piece has derived from an extinct prehistoric leguminous tree, Hymenaea protera. The tree belongs to Oligocene period which lasted 23 million years to 33.9 million years. This was an era which prehistoric ecosystem started changing into modern ecosystem of Miocene period.

At present, 2400 species of mantis can be seen in tropical climate and whole environment, including trees and animals has drastically changed comparatively archaic era though, this little insect doesn't seem much different.

However this well preserved ancient mantis is a perfect specimen for prehistoric insects.

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