Mary Parkhill captures super elegant portraits of killer whales

Color combination of mother nature is always amazing. But some of sceneries are just magical as we can’t pull out our eyes. And capturing such scene spot on is also special because it needs both talent and tenacious self-inspiration. Mary Parkhill who’s expert in nature photography captures such a magical scenery of frolic orcas in front of the horizon.

Parkhill is a Pennsylvania based professional landscaping photographer who’s even left behind a really good career for this impressive occupation which once was just her hobby. Now she spends her summers in Alaska capturing fascinating landscapes and she shot even this magical moment in there. Parkhill specially likes whales and she has captured many stunning pictures of orcas and humpback whales in waters of Alaska. But when it comes to these portraits, they seem really outstanding due to it’s high-color blending. Golden light of Alaska’s charming sunset and sapphire blue ocean bulk the black and white majestic creatures, creating a wonderful artistry.

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