Kääpä; The squirrel-friend presents adorable close-up pictures of playful red squirrels

Squirrels are such tiny fluffy and playful creatures as one can look on them for hours without getting exhausted. But it’s hard to have a close-up glance at them unless they are pet squirrels. Cause they are agile and shaky beings in nature.

However, Swedish photographer Jhonny Kääpä captures close-up pictures of the intimate life of wild red squirrels, it’s not an easy task though. It really needed a lot of time and lot of patience. He spent years working on allying with these wild squirrels just to photograph them in a close range.

First, he used long lenses and now he could capture them with short lenses and even with fisheye lenses while they are coming straight and peer up in smooth faced into his camera.As the result of his efforts, he was able to photograph lot of moments of their inward life throughout seasons.

While some of snaps are really adorable with their bright round eyes and darling features, some are really funny. In the photo titled as “super hero” recalls superman landing the floor, but in a hilariousway. Eventhis picture was nominated for finals in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

It’s pretty sure thatthese sweet snaps could be able to bring a smile for your face also.Scroll down to fresh up your day with adorable pictures of red squirrel fellows.

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