In detail human anatomy through a painter’s eyes

Art is a passion. But creating real-life artistry with lines and paints is such a talent. As we know, you always excited to explore the news of art, here we came up with an outré portraits of human anatomy.

Seoul-based artist Wanjin GIM is the creator of these wonderful paintings. He has used only traditional drawing tools like pencils, acrylic and ink to create these portraits. The way he has used the fine lines to get the basic shape of human limbs seem effortless yet brilliant. And the exertions he took to show nerves and natural winks of hands and feet in detail, is just amazing.

The pictures take special pattern of characteristics even with colors. Color range of brown to beige and slight blending of red and blue touch gives an incredible living appearance to those human anatomy.

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Subtitle – Combination of fine lines and perfect color blending has given to the steric looks to limbs and perfect finishing.

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