Finland reindeer glows at night to save their life

While part of the society hunting down wildlife ruthlessly, there are also people and organizations who seriously work on to save wildlife selflessly. 

Finland wildlife organization called “Reindeer herders association” has launched a unique project to save reindeers from car accidents in nights.

It is estimated that 4000 of Reindeers die due to car accidents each year in Finland. On the other hand, it cost around €15 for recover damages. Hence, Reindeer herders association decided to find some solutions to minimize these tragedies.

It's a common thing wild animal wander the roads near by country areas and jungles. But unfortunately, they lost their lives due to that, by hitting on vehicles. Most probably at night, because it's hard to notice an animal on the road in the darkness before it’s too late.

So, the solution is to make them easily recognize even at darkness. With this idea Reindeer herders association starts spraying reindeers antlers with reflective paint,

So that when their antlers illuminate in the darkness, they can be easily visible even at nights and car drives might avoid hitting them on road.

The association started this project in 2014 and they have tested this, by spraying various part of mammals. And it did work to save them from bicycles, so the association working on the same spray method with reindeers, hoping it will help to mitigate Reindeer fatalities occur due to motor vehicles.

However, this theory seems quite practical though it didn't work so efficiently as they thought due to durability and utility issues. But the association didn't give up and find more ways to improve the method. 

Photo: Reindeer Herder’s Association

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