Dragon’s mini version in real world?

Dragons are such famous mythical creatures in reel life. But can we meet a dragon in real life? Well, it’s almost a yes now, with a recent discover of an interesting type of lizard. These lizards called as Armadillo lizards because of the way they curling up to a ball by biting their tail as a method of self-defense.

They can be found in various colors from light yellow to dark brown and around four inches in size when stretch. These tiny Armadillo lizards can be seen in deserts of South Africa and they are covered up with a coat of spiky scale which helps them to survive in a harsh environment. Because of their unique appearance with that thorny coat they are known as Mini-Dragons as well. Even though they have such a fierce look, they are just innocent reptiles and no harm to humans. They live as a massive group in deserts and normally feed by small insects. And there’s another uniqueness of them. They are the only reptile which do not lay eggs.

The interesting news is they can be pet! Which means you can have your own mini dragon, like in movies! The sad thing about them is their life is in danger due to increase of illegal trafficking. Hence, these extraordinary creatures need to be protected in order to save the uniqueness of mother nature.

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